PARIS 2011 - European Athletics Indoor Championships
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International Partners


SPAR International has been the Principal Partner of European Athletics since 1996. SPAR is keen to support athletes at all levels and its continued partnership with European Athletics allows it to build on the community sponsorship it already offers at local level in many countries around the world. The SPAR Brand communicates values of Passion, Trust, Community, Friendship and Commitment.

Contact | Proud Sponsor of European Athletics for 10 years


OMEGA has been closely associated with the world of precision sports timekeeping for the better part of a century. OMEGA has also been responsible for much of the cutting-edge technology used to time athletics and to display the results and distribute them around the world. OMEGA and European Athletics: a natural partnership.

Contact | OMEGA press release, 21 January 2008


Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland started its long-term partnership with European Athletics in 2008. The highlight of the partnership will be the European Athletics Championships 2010 in Barcelona.

Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland is a cheese of very high quality, which has been hand-made for many centuries. It is a natural product without any additives.

Le Gruyère AOC Switzerland is looking forward to welcoming you soon at a European Athletics event and to offer you a taste of our magnificent cheese.

Contact | Le Gruyère press release, 16 June 2008


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has been European Athletics Official Broadcast Partner since 1981. Over the last 25 years, the two organisations have worked together to develop European Athletics into an attractive product for the television audience, while not forgetting the spectators in the stadium.

Contact | European Athletics-EBU: 25 years of partnership

National Partners

In 2009, AREVA committed enthusiastically to the world of track and field throught 2012. Energy and enthusiasm – two good reasons for AREVA to sponsor track and field. Track and field is about excellence but also about people; it is a sport that everyone can practice and where everyone has potential.
The group has rolled out a comprehensive program of sponsorships aimed at federating and mobilizing its employees and increasing its appeal to a broader public, which will run through 2012

Media partners

National Suppliers

picture alliance

dpa Picture-Alliance -a 100% member of the dpa Group- is one of the leading picture-agencies in Germany, containing production, documentation and marketing of image material. In addition to its partnership with European Athletics, Picture-Alliance is offical Co-Partner of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) for Germany until 2010.

The company belongs to the German Press-Agency dpa, offering a wide range of business activites: news, pictures, graphics, interactive and mobil solutions as well as audio coverage. In addition dpa owns newsaktuell, the German market-leader in media- and public relations-services.



Swedish specialist company NeH is the official merchandising and souvenir partner of European Athletics since April 2007.

NeH has extensive experience in its field of expertise at various international events, such as Solheim Cup 2007, World Ski Championships 2007 and is also a partner for the 2008 Men's Handball European Championships and the 2008 World Biathlon Championships.





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